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The Lymbic System

Nurturing & safety as a child directly influence the hard wiring of the brain. If a child is
born with a  small dysfunctional amygdale or hippocampus the child won’t be able to
withstand trauma. Abuse and neglect negatively affect the formation of the prefrontal

Infants born to women who are stressed during pregnancy have smaller and more active
amygdale. They may be more emotional.

When the amygdale are destroyed in animals, the animals become tame, lose libido, lose
ability to fear or recognize it, & lose ability to read facial expressions.

Taking action & hope can decrease trauma to the brain. Dissociation feels vacant, so a
settling and weight in the tissues is going to tell you that homeostasis is occurring.

Memories made during dissociation (traumatic event) go to the tissues through
neuropeptides. The neural pathways get reinforced, increasing myelin on the synapses
which causes the neuron to fire more quickly. It takes less and less stimuli to fire the
neuron. With practice we can develop new pathways, and encourage the brain to close
down old pathways.

The Limbic System:

thalamus is an important relay and integration center for the brain. Incoming
sensory information comes into thalamus which sends it to other parts of the brain for
an interpretation and response.
amygdale is directly associated with emotional processing. It interprets sensory
information as potentially threatening, unusual or otherwise significant. It initiates
behavioral and physiological responses. It always plays an important role in making
emotional memories.
hypothalamus maintains homeostasis. Initiates stress response systems like
shivering, nausea, muscle tension, alertness (things associated with fear).
hippocampus consolidates information and sends it to other parts of the brain to be
stored as memories. Helps create associations between past and present experiences.
Evaluates threats by placing them in context of previous experiences. Stress can shrink
the hippocampus.
frontal lobe is associated with planning, reasoning, ability to initiate voluntary
prefrontal cortex associates past and present experience relevant to the current
situation. Dampens the amygdale response and calms fear if threat is deemed
insignificant. (PTSD sufferers excepted).

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