Organ or Tissue
Effects of Massage
Vascular System
Increase Blood Flow
Reflex Vasodilation
Increase diameter &
permeability of capillaries
Increase RBC
Increase systolic stroke volume
Decrease pulse
Decrease muscle fatigue
Decrease edema
Decrease muscle soreness
Decrease pain
Increase cellular nutrition
Increase toxin removal
Increase work capability
Increase metabolism
Lymph System
Decrease edema
Decrease tendency towards
Muscular System
Separates fibers
Can stimulate contraction
Decrease spasm
Decrease adhesions
Decrease pain
Increase flexibility
Increase body awareness
Skeletal System
Increases retention of nitrogen,
sulfur, and phosphorus
Aids fracture healing
Nervous System
Changes neural pathways
through safe, predictable,
repetitive movements
Increase parasympathetic N.S.
Decrease sympathetic N.S
Decrease hyper- arousal
Recover from trauma
Increase sensory integration
Increase brain organization
Aids in rest & digestion
Emotional System
Stabilizes biochemistry
Stabilizes endocrine system
Decrease depression
Decrease anxiety
Increase concentration
Increase self-esteem
Promotes grounding   
Energetic System
Open energy pathways
Increase homeostasis
Increase openness & learning
Increase self-empowerment
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Benefits of Massage
  • Increase blood and lymph flow
  • Detoxify while retaining beneficial nutrients
  • Increase Parasympathetic Nervous System function (improve sleep & digestion,
    increase metabolism)
  • Increase immune function
  • Improve muscle tone, flexibility, & range of motion
  • Break down adhesions and scar tissue
  • Decrease pain & tension
  • Recover quicker from injuries
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Elevate mood
  • Increase body awareness
  • Relaxation, stress reduction
  • Emotional healing through the body-mind connection