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What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release Massage is a type of very slow bodywork aimed at melting and
releasing connective tissue. This is done by stretching & lengthening fascial cross-links,
releasing fascial restrictions, and changing the viscosity of the ground substance
(melting from a solid back into a gelatinous substance). It is done without the use of
lotion or oil for a better "hook", but may include hot towels.

Facilitates Healing
MFR facilitates healing from all sorts of musculo-skeletal pain, posture misalignment,
abdominal pain, skull pain, chronic pain, and more.

Sustained physical and energetic pressure is applied deep into the Myofascial layer until
the tissues “release”- butter melting sensation. Force may be applied in one or multiple
directions pulling apart the tissues in what may feel like a soft friction burn. This
directional force is applied until a tissue barrier is reached at which point pressure is
held or sustained again until release occurs. There may be multiple barriers along each
fascial tract.  

Other Techniques include Deep Tissue Massage, Cranial- Sacral Massage, Visceral
Manipulation, Skin Rolling, Cupping, & Unwinding.

Skin Rolling - picking up the skin & adipose layer, pulling & rolling it to release it from
the muscles beneath it.

Cupping- using glass "cups" with air suction to lift the skin away from the muscular
tissue beneath. This technique leaves cup shaped bruises on the skin, but it is a
powerful release and well worth it!

Unwinding -  One of the most awesome techniques in MFR Therapy is Myofascial
unwinding. This unwinding can occur anywhere in the body. It can be general or
specific. Unwinding is a process of releasing restrictions in the fascia through gentle

Fascia is a thin, sticky, almost translucent film that wraps around muscle tissue, organs,
bones, nerves, blood and lymph vessels, and every cell of the body.  It is a 3 dimensional
web which extends continuously from head to toes without interruption. It is the
tissue that holds all the other parts together.  It gives shape to and supports all of the

Restrictions (physical, energetic & psychological) can build up in the fascial system due
to adaptations the body makes in response to trauma. This causes pain and a decrease
in movement, breath, and function.
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Suggested Attire
Skin contact is imperative to the work. This work cannot be done through clothing. For
abdominal and chest work, it is recommended that women wear sports bras or
swimsuits. It is also recommended that both men and women wear under garments that
allow access to the upper thighs and have loose waist bands.

Development of MFR
John F. Barnes was a physical therapist taught in both western and eastern styles. What
he learned proved significantly effective but permanent structural change remained
elusive. Patients might be pain free in the office, but as soon as daily activities began
symptoms returned.

At a seminar, he became fascinated with fascia and it’s influence over structure &
function, and the use of soft tissue mobilization as a means to heal. He refined and
modified techniques, and began to see the body as a integrated totality through the
interrelationship of the fascial network. He expanded his concepts to include
CranioSacral therapy, & fascial unwinding.
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