Body Awareness

Body Scanning

Body Scanning is a good way to learn how to speak to your body. See Tools for a list of
sensing words that will help you identify the sensations felt and learn the language of

    1. Begin by becoming aware of your breath. Ride the waves of your breath and let
    it anchor you to the present moment.

    2. Bring your attention to the soles of your feet. Notice any sensation there.
    Without judging them or trying to make them different, simply be present with
    the sensations.

    3. Bring your attention to your ankles. Scan for sensations without judgment.

    4. Proceed up your body to each body part: calves, thighs, pelvis, lower back,
    belly, mid back, upper back, shoulders, chest, upper arms, lower arms, wrists,
    hands, neck, face, jaw, head.

    5. You may wish to breathe into each part as you focus on them. This helps you
    focus and to relax each part as you go.

After you master the body scanning you may want to proceed to the inner presence or
progressive relaxation exercises to learn more.
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