Self hypnosis

Hypnosis is derived from the Greek word for sleep, as is very similar to sleep. It is a narrowing of consciousness accompanied by inertia and passivity. The main difference is that you never completely lose awareness during hypnosis. Hypnosis allows you to experience your thoughts and inner images as real. You willingly suspend belief just like when you become absorbed in a compelling fantasy or play. Daydreaming & being absorbed in thought are hypnotic states. Driving and other routine activities can cause hypnosis (even causing short term amnesia).

Please don't self induce hypnosis while driving or doing anything where dissociation could endanger you.

Self induction-

1. Choose a key phrase that is the opposite of your problem and the essence of your goal. Repeat this word while you relax.

2. Take several deep breaths. Relax your muscles and think “heavier and heavier, more and more relaxed.”

3. Count stairs down to a safe refuge, or count backwards slowly from 10 to 0. Relax deeper and deeper with each count.

4. Enter your imaginary safe refuge (see visualization exercises).

5. Deepen hypnosis through compelling suggestions such as “Drift deeper and deeper”, “Feel more and more drowsy, peaceful and calm”, “drift down into total relaxation”.

6. Once you spend time relaxing in your refuge, you may wish to give yourself a “post hypnotic suggestion”.

7. When it’s time to come out of the trance, count upward from zero to ten telling yourself to become "more and more alert, aware, and awake".

Audio record an induction script for yourself. Speak in monotone with slow tempo. Pause between each sentence.

Try abbreviated inductions with the help of a pendulum, or candle flame, or some other eye fixation.

Hypnotic Suggestions-

These are thoughts and images that influence your subjective experience. Be direct, positive, & permissive (allowing yourself to be calm, rather than demanding yourself to be calm).

Make the suggestions about the immediate future rather than the present (saying “soon I will feel relaxed.

Repeat your suggestions at least 3 times.

Represent the suggestion in a visual image.

Write your suggestions out in advance.

If you are using hypnosis for a specific goal- Define your problem and goal, eliminate external factors that contribute to your problem, take note of the negative thoughts that contribute to your problem and refute them.