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All of these are downloads
  • 100 Stress Busters - A list of stress reducing activities you can do at home
  • Body Mass Index - Indication of general health by weight & height.
  • Body Sense Magazine - Read past or present issues.                
  • Biblical Healing - References in the Bible to health and healing.
  • Character Analysis - This is an old actor's guide to character analysis. There is a
    psychological and physical section. Doing this on yourself can help you explore
    your body-mind connection.
  • Essential Oils - This is a list of oils and their therapeutic properties.
  • Feelings List- Never learned the language of emotion? This list of affect words
    may help you figure out what it is you are feeling.  
  • The Five Love Languages - brief description of the Five ways we communicate
    love, based on the book by Gary Chapman.
  • Stryrofoam Rolling - pictures of how to roll out your muscles with a foam roller.
  • Kuhn's 20 Statements Test - How do you define yourself? This test is really fun.
  • Organs - spreadsheet about the organs, their functions, emotions, symptoms of
    dysfunction, associated skeletal restrictions, and nutritional care.
  • Progressive Relaxation - pdf written format and mp3 audio format
  • Responsibility Agreement  - a contract of self empowerment.
  • Sensations List - Don't know what you are sensing? This list of sensation words
    may help you learn to identify sensations and speak to your body.
  • Self Care Assessment - Are you taking care of yourself? Or are you burnt out? Self
    care can help you reduce stress and rejuvenate so you can more fully help others.
  • Stretching - Pictures of stretching exercises to guide you through a home routine.
  • Vitamins and Minerals - A list of vitamins and minerals and their food sources.